Duplex Scan for DVT

You may be referred for this scan by a doctor if they suspect a blood clot in the vein.

Information for doctors
Duplex scanning with colour flow imaging provides instant visualisation of the veins and blood flow. It can detect the presence of both recent and old thrombi. In symptomatic patients the accuracy of duplex is 96-100% for iliac, femoral and popliteal thrombi and 90% for calf thrombi.

- Symptoms and / or signs suggestive of acute deep venous thrombosis.
- To monitor calf thrombi in ambulant patients not on treatment.
- Suspected pulmonary embolism in the presence of low ventilation – perfusion scan.
- Superficial thrombophlebitis. Thrombi extend from superficial to the deep veins in 15% of patients.

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