Cardiovascular Scan (CVS)

The Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Screening (CVS) scan is a comprehensive ultrasound scan of the carotid arteries (big arteries in the neck) and the femoral arteries (in the legs). Using these images and data on file about vascular risk, predictions can be made on the risk of heart attacks and stroke for the next 10 years of your life. This technology provides more accurate assessments than those obtained from the use of the standard risk factor tests such as measuring blood pressure and cholesterol.

Screening is performed by highly skilled ultrasonographers who work alongside doctors to interpret the results. This helps the physician to advise the patient on lifestyle changes and recommend preventative treatment if necessary.

The reason we scan the carotid and femoral arteries is that it gives us detailed, visual information, which most accurately reflects the state of the whole cardiovascular system.

It can measure the thickness of the wall of the arteries and show deposits of cholesterol in them, called plaques, many years before they have a chance to cause problems. Analysing these scans for the presence, number and size of plaques can identify twice as many people at high risk than conventional tests.

This means that we can help more people take action to prevent health problems in the future.

CVS Scan – £300

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